Zeal Immigration is an immigration consulting firm based in Toronto, ON, Canada providing immigration services and help globally but predominantly helps people to move between India and Canada either temporarily or permanently.


With an expertise and knowledge in the field of immigration, our licensed immigration lawyers help us to make an edge in the industry by providing top notch services to our clients.

What makes us stand out in the industry?

  1. Personalized Attention & Advice Our Immigration Experts and advisors pay attention to each and every detail of your case because while moving countries or applying for visa/visa extensions each and every detail of your case matters. Missing out even a smallest of detail could cost you your visa. This is exactly why we appoint personal advisors to each and every case and ensure that our client gets the visa successfully.
  2. Quick Response & Lodgments We revert to our clients at every beck and call. We make sure we are there for you throughout the process. Along with our quick response and service towards our clients, we also are very quick with the visa lodgments. We ensure that your files are processed as quickly as possible and you get your visas at the earliest without wasting much of your time. Our skill, knowledge and experience is what enables to make this process quicker and shorter.
  3. No Hidden Costs We are very transparent with our clients. We don’t like to surprise our clients with nasty hidden charges at the end to provide them any bitter experiences. We keep it clear and upfront from the very beginning that what our client would have to pay throughout the process. This is what helps our clients trust us.
  4. High Success Rate The end goal is to get you the visa/result you want. This is what helps us strive and survive in the industry. With a near to 100% of success rate we have been able to grow in a short span of time. Our happy clients fuel our ZEAL to work which is why we as a team devote our determination and efforts towards getting successful and desired results for whosoever approaches and trusts us with their visa processes.

Why choose us?

Because our team of Licensed Immigration Lawyers are associated with government bodies like:
Immigration consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC)


Being legally authorized by such bodies allows us to help you better.

Our Licensed Consultants can provide you consultations services online as well. All you got to do is just book an appointment and our team will reach out to you.