We at Zeal Immigration are a one stop destination for all your India-Canada related Visa Solutions. Our zeal to produce desired results for our clients is what keeps us going. Our sheer goal is to achieve an unparalleled visa success rate. To achieve our goals we help you fulfill your visa related needs.


It’s your visa application that determines the success rate of your visa. We at Zeal immigration understand what importance does an application process holds in the entire process of getting a visa which is why our dedicated team works closely with you and the concerned embassies and governing bodies to get you your visa at the earliest.


Our services are not limited to building up a strong application for your visa but we extend our services to even after the visa is granted. We help our clients with pre and post departure briefings. We extend our assistance and guidance even after you reach your destination. Any help required post departure with any documentation or assistance we are there at your service.

Super Visa

A super visa lets parents and grandparents visit their children in Canada without letting them change their residency or visa status. Zeal Immigration understands what value this visa holds for a family. Our team of professionals helps in getting super visa at the first place and even helps with extension of an already existing visa. We at Zeal immigration help with the entire process be it helping you with eligibility, invitation letter, building your application and visa extension to increase your stay in Canada, you get it all at one stop – Zeal Immigration.


Settle in Canada with the help of our visa assistance services. We know how permanent residency and citizenship are merely not any other visa but a life changing status for individuals, which is why we ensure to help you build your PR application the right way.

Visitor Visa

Planning to visit your family/friends in India or Canada? You are at right place. We help you right from the beginning till the time you reach your destination.

Business Visa

Expand your business in Canada with a Business Visa. Allow us to help you get through the process. We’ll simplify the process of getting a Canadian Business Visa for you


We don’t wish this upon you but if by any chance you are in a situation like this where you need detention/appeals related help and want to reapply for your visa and be free of detention, reach out to us. We ensure you of the best help possible.


Apply for LMIA/PNP with zeal immigration and be assured of success.

Express Entry

Want to apply for express entry visa to Canada? We know express entry sounds amazing but if not done in the right manner it could cost you your efforts, money and time and even can get you a refusal. So do it the right way with Zeal Immigration.


Has your Visa to Canada been refused in past? Do not worry we are here to help you. All you got to do is trust us and allow us to study your case and we’ll help you out in getting a Canadian visa in the right manner.


Are you a refugee and want to seek a shelter in Canada? Help us connect you with Canadian Government officials and help you seek support and shelter in Canada.

Spousal/Family Sponsorship

Invite your spouse/family from India to Canada in just a few easy steps. Apply for your spouse/family’s visa with us.

Study Visa

Build a secure future with Canadian education. Canadian education is considered to be one of the best in terms of international market. Education is what shapes the future of a student. We at Zeal immigration help a student find his interests and then pick a course of his interest from a college of his choice in Canada. Once the student decides what course he wants to study and at which college our team makes sure that the student gets his study visa and reaches Canada safely. Not only this our team has also helped the student to adapt to Canadian culture in his initial days.
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